UPCOMING! ATN Mid-High Sexuality Seminar

Mid-High Sexuality Seminar, February 14th-16th, 2013 This year we will be bringing back an opportunity for all mid-high youth. We will be hosting a “Sexuality Seminar” led by Rev. Roger Templeton. Rev. Templeton is is certified¬†by the Louisiana Annual Conference¬†to lead this seminar. The mid-high Sexuality Seminar is designed to assist youth in making smart […]

THIS Sunday! ATN’S Super Bowl Party @ Party Central

Greetings! Hopefully you’ve heard all the exciting details about this week’s ATN SUPER Bowl Party at Party Central. But just in case you haven’t, we wanted to send the info your way one more time. We’ve also set up some convenient ways for you to let us know you’re interested, as well as extended the […]

UPCOMING: ATN’s 2013 Super Bowl Party!

Okay, this is super exciting. Buckle up! On Super Bowl Sunday, (February 3, 2013) we’ll be hosting a very cool new opportunity for all youth! Not only will we be watching the big game, we’ll be playing all sorts of awesome games for you and your friends. You don’t wanna miss out, so check out […]

ATN’s “Senior Experience”

Greetings, and Happy New Year! We’re super excited about a new freedom (small) group we started this year called “Senior Experience”. This group is designed to not only explore the challenge and joy of a high school senior’s 12th grade year, but to also prepare them for college in practical ways. We hope that because […]